For Libertarian Or Hippies

For those who are or who like to do what they believe is right without bothering about others opinion or moral standarts and tabous, but who respect others freedom

I am a libertarian

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Did you mean libertarian or did you mean "libertine"?

I wouldn't describe myself as either a hippie or as lacking in moral standards, but I am both a political and a cultural libertarian.

To put it simply, I believe in right of every individual to make choices regarding their own lives, given that other people have an equal right to make their own choices. Not just that, but I think that a society should be tolerant of individual differences between peaceful people, and that it should welcome free speech and personal expression.

For this reason, I support both political and cultural tolerance for public nudity, at least in designated areas. My personal moral standards don't see nudity as anything shameful, so for me this goes beyond tolerance into acceptance and even enthusiasm.

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