Foreskin Pride!

For nudists around the world that are proud of their foreskin and love to show it off or have theirs admired/admire others.

here is mine for you to see - baggy as my...

Hi guys

Sadly my foreskin was cut as a baby so had no say in the matter. However Im very much attracted to foreskins and have been lucky enough to see and play with a couple recently and would love to do it again. Im very envious of guys who still have a...

Does foreskin increase with age?

Recently a friend noted that I do have a large foreskin, and I am not sure it's my paranoia or what but indeed it seems larger than it was years ago. Do you see changes in your foreskin while getting older? I most wonder if it could affect my...


Hey fellow foreskin fans! This is just a post to get this group off the ground and to say feel free to post questions, discussions and pics relating to that bit of skin we all love so much!


I love playing with a nice foreskin or having mine played with would like to try docking think that would be great


Ok , I just joined the group to say Im jealous of all you guys with foreskin. I think it looks so cool and apparently feels much better. I wish my dad didnt have me circumcised but what can you do. I appreciate my uncut brothers.


How can we be proud of it, its natural and the way a man mine and others...

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Proud to have foreskin

In the spirit of the group, just to say I love my foreskin and feel it makes your penis look more handsome


Hey guys. I am cut but restoring my foreskin. I'm happy to be part of this group. I'm restoring to restore sensitivity but one of the nice things is how it will look.

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