Foreskin Restoration!

A group for circumcised guys that are trying to restore their foreskins. The aim of the grup is to for a discussion group and to assist other men who share the same interest

Chris Online Store

Who else is using his devices? I started using his air retainer in January and it has been life changing with how comfortable it is. I can wear it literally all day and then wear his regular retainer at night. Finally a system to use that doesnt...

Devices? (TLC Tugger)

Has anyone used any of the devices that are out there. Interested in the TLC Tugger and want to hear what people have to say about it..

new years resolution

well i've been tugging for years have a few gizmo's for restoring even made a few but i'm sure i'm not alone about getting discouraged , no doubt if i would just stuck with it i'd have more foreskin than i have. when flaccid my...

Have Been Restoring since 1995

I started my restoration program in 1995 after hearing two morning talk show hosts in Chicago discuss a Howard Stern show that talked about foreskin restoration. I did some Internet searching and came across the book "The Joy of...

Progress pics

Anybody interested in posting progress pics of their restoration to the group?

SKYPE RestoringForeskin Group

Like to join a SKYPE group for guys restoring their foreskin. Ken

Hi all you foreskin restorers

I am new to true nusists site and new to this group. I have been restoring for a number of years now and am happy with my results so far, but still have a long way to go to be fully restored. My hope is that we can learn from each other as to what...

My Journey

I have pulled and tugged for like the last 5 years, used every kind of device I can find, and some I made myself. to get the job done. I'm pretty much satisfied with my progress but still always wanting it stretched more. I do have coverage and...

nipple suction

just curious if anyone has tried using a nipple suction for restoring ? the one that kinda looks like a oversize syringe . even though you couldn't wear this under clothes as it will be pretty much hanging from the penis while using it but to my...

back to restoring

I said I was going to get back to a routine of restoring after first of the year ,, yes I've done this many times as I get frustrated and I know its a long process - hey I could have been restored years ago if I had just stuck with it. baby...


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