Foreskin Restoration!

A group for circumcised guys that are trying to restore their foreskins. The aim of the grup is to for a discussion group and to assist other men who share the same interest

Foreskin that grew back on its own

Hey guys. I thought I would post My own story here and see what you guys think. Im a man that was born cut and I never really noticed skin on my penis. But probably 10 years or so ago I noticed I started getting more and more skin. I didnt do...

tugging constantly

been tugging constantly lately and finally my gland turtled completely into my foreskin , yes some may think no big deal but waiting for this moment for years . had woke from a nap and went to bathroom i always have a habit of looking at myself in...

does size matter?

Is restoration possible even with a relatively short penis?

I happen to be Uncut didn't ....

I happen to be Uncut didn't know if some might like to exchange emails or ask questions. I just thought I would join and see what happens. I am sorry you'll were cut that was so wrong to cut so much feeling off of you'll!!!

Where to start

Ive recently become interested in foreskin restoration because I slide the residual foreskin I have during me time and I think having extra would make the experience better. Ive been on TLC Tuggers website and I dont know where to start. I have...

nipple suction

just curious if anyone has tried using a nipple suction for restoring ? the one that kinda looks like a oversize syringe . even though you couldn't wear this under clothes as it will be pretty much hanging from the penis while using it but to my...

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back to restoring

I said I was going to get back to a routine of restoring after first of the year ,, yes I've done this many times as I get frustrated and I know its a long process - hey I could have been restored years ago if I had just stuck with it. baby...

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My Journey

I have pulled and tugged for like the last 5 years, used every kind of device I can find, and some I made myself. to get the job done. I'm pretty much satisfied with my progress but still always wanting it stretched more. I do have coverage and...

In Montana

Greetings all. Just joined the group. Been tugging for for about a year now. I'm also a member of NORM. I can't wait to have my foreskin back and to be with a man some time that is uncut. Keep on tugging y'all.

Tugging routine

I am mainly doing manual stretching and am seeing good results. My routine is Manual 2. In the morning I do a 2/1/20 min. stretch just short of feeling pain. That is 2 min. stretching, 1min. rest were I am not stretching and then 2 min. stretch...