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have you ever been curious

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i was cut at birth i've always been curious what my penis would have looked like if the hadn't cut- snipped me , i wonder who as who also been cut-snipped at birth has also wondered the same about they're penis.

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RE:have you ever been curious

I have always been very curious about how my penis would have looked if I had not been circumcised. I would like to think that I would have had a nice foreskin with just a little over hang at the tip. I find long foreskins to be very sexy on a man. I wish I knew someone that would draw my penis with a foreskin just so I could at least get an idea of how it may have looked.

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RE:have you ever been curious

I was circumcised at 16. My foreskin was tight, so I had the choice of stretching it out or getting the snip.

Having foreskin was great, but I dont miss it. I only speak for myself of course.

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