This is a group for men who enjoy Freeballing, going Commando, oh heck, just plain not wearing underwear! It is an un-necessary piece of very restrictive clothing. When we are nude, our equipment hangs free, why not when we are dressed! Share experiences and stories about your times freeballing, and how you got started.

Some of my gym shorts are wearing out so I ordered 2 new pair yesterday.
Since our grandson is here more and I am going less places that expect better dress, my gym shorts have seen a lot of use lately
My current supply has inseams in the 8" (20 cm) range, well above the knee but not really short.
Wanted to try something shorter so I ordered one pair with a 4" inseam and one with 5".
Will be fine at home, but don't know how it will work when I eventually get back to the gym.

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RE:Shorter Shorts

Those read shorts with no lining I would be very afraid of my goodies popping out especially when doing squats and crunches and anything aerobic like jumping lolIf that comment was for me, the 5" ones are snug enough on the thigh that I don't have to worry about things popping out.The 3" ones are a little risky so I am only wearing them when I need to cover at home.I don't have to worry about things popping out when I exercise, Now that I do most of it in the basement at home, I'm not wearing anything!

Shortest shorts feel more annoying and confining every time I wear them. Considering either opening the side and crotch seams for more freedom or just ripping them to shreds. Anyone prefer one idea over the other?

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RE:Shorter Shorts

Now that I am so comfortable with my 5" inseam gym shorts, I am seriously considering replacing my 8" cargo shorts with something the same length.
Any opinions or experience with this type of shorts?

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