This is a group for men who enjoy Freeballing, going Commando, oh heck, just plain not wearing underwear! It is an un-necessary piece of very restrictive clothing. When we are nude, our equipment hangs free, why not when we are dressed! Share experiences and stories about your times freeballing, and how you got started.

What are the tiniest shorts you're wearing when freeballing ?

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I am freeballing mostly 100% of the time, and with the work at home, no more long pants, and I don't like my shorts going to the knees.

I got last year a cut 4 inch inseam short (levi's 514). Wore it once in a grocer store in Illinois. Was fun, and daring. Got some excitement from it, and it outlined a little my attributes. But nothing was coming out.
Got some weird stare from employees, was late, so not crowded. Patrons didn't mind. Maybe some girls looked at it.

I got recently a 2 inch inseam (Hollister denim), low raise, for women normally. Love it at home. Would love to wear it for errands. Recently, I went to the gas station. I wasn't strong enough to wear it for refueling the gas. Will definitely wear it next time I'm visiting Miami, or maybe when going to San Diego once. Never been to the Black's beach. I think it's great place to show your legs with it.

Everything stays in, unless it start growing a little, and the it's peaking out. So have to replace it.

What size of shorts are you wearing ? What the smallest size ? Is it well accepted ?

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RE:What are the tiniest shorts you're wearing when freeballing ?

3 inch. Fine when standing but have to be careful with sitting. Had some shorter ones back in the 70's when they were more common, but wore briefs under them away from home.

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RE:What are the tiniest shorts you're wearing when freeballing ?

I just ordered nylon runners shorts. They are very short and somewhat transparent. I may attempt to wear them while out running but will have to see how transparent they are when they arrive. I hope to be brave enough to wear them even though my man hood bounces around. My excitement may show through.

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