From Behind

I love nudist pics from behind. I love taking them and seeing others. I am a butt lover but it's more than that. There is a certain mystery of seeing someone completely nude from behind. This group is dedicated to the artistic minds of the True Nudist community to share their love for the beauty of the backside. From Behind is just that nudist sharing their backside.

The road less travelled...

I've just posted a few photos from behind... I don't often take that angle... any more contributions?


The view from behind of a nice pair of buttocks is very sensual, with the ladies labia just giving a slight hint of pressence or more if she has long labia, a male with his testicles hanging below, I guess im just a bum man, but do enjoy that view.

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The backside - your mysterious side

You can't see your own backside. Only on photos or a part of it in the mirror. Sometimes the others see on your backside not only your butt but also a part of your vulva or your penis and balls.

Join me in my naked life!

I'm glad to inform you that I'm now sharing my daily naked life on some new platform: There will be all sort of different contents - daily life, nudist adventures, naked dares, naked workout/gym,...