Full Bush Naturists

For women and men who like a full bush and have naturist nude profile pic. Please leave your pic. If u have afull bush even better. Thanks Ann. X

My Bush am I too hairy?

Me I love my bush come see for yourself and tell me what you think. Dee A. from Colorado.

What would be too hairy?

I've tried shaving and found it wasn't for me and now I enjoy seeing how hairy my body can get. I was wondering what other people would consider too hairy? I know its only personal taste - so there's no judging!

Winter Bush. Bald in the summer.

Who else has a full hairy bush in the cold months and than goes bald in the summer ?

Hair growing back

So after about 15 years of waxing bush and legs I have stopped - my legs are growing back quite fast and hairy but pubic has been really slow - anyone else found this once you've stopped waxing? Looking forward to thoughts - Jay

hi all

Greetings from Amsterdam :)

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by andy_me_ 
Hi everyone

I m julien from france. I m happy to talk about naturist who appreciate natural body.

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Thank you.

Thank you for letting me join this group. I just love the natural look of an unshaven woman.

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one good thing about lock down

One thing that is a bright side to being a full bush lover during these trying times, the waxing salons are closed.

I love my bush

Keeping my body natural and not shaving makes me feel even more confident with myself. Being my true self without changing my body to fit with the trends.

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