G0Y Nudists

For guys who call themselves g0y and enjoy nude bonding with other men in a masculine way. What's g0y? Most of the men who stumble onto the g0ys (spelled w. a zer0) movement are looking for answers to some serious questions about themselves. Most are shocked when they learn that +60% of all men have similar questions (Yes, the majority)! Most (but not all) of these men have feelings for...

Any G0Ys in the Orlando, Florida area? I'm looking for nudist men with similar interests.

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RE:Orlando G0Ys

Ever come to Camp David near Inverness? Sawmill? Down to Vitimbi Springs? All good places to meet like minded folks... tho, I'd recommend Camp David cuz it's better. ;)

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RE:Orlando G0Ys

I am in the Boca Raton errs. Just moved from Texas
I ll be in Orlando 3/28 for a days.

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