Gang Showers With Buds

I'm a fan of the universal equalizer: communal showers. In them, everyone can let loose and embrace their individuality while still learning what makes us men alike. (Disclaimer: This group is not intended for any kind of kink talk or sexual references.) This group serves to highlight the feeling of togetherness, unity, and liberty that comes with showering nude with your fellow men.

I miss the old showers

What is going on these days? Men in the locke room doing the "towel dance" , afraid to be or walk around naked, no one naked in the sauna, or someone tellig me to cover up? This ultra masculinity is absurd. I remember the day of gang...

Seattle Area Group Showers

I love showering naked in group public spaces! Nothing sexual, I just love the feeling of confidence it gives me having been so afraid of group showers growing up. I got teased a lot having a small penis. Now its like my FU to the world that I dont...

gang showers ih school ??

when I went to school from the age of about 10 taking a shower after gym was mandatory for everyone kinda of my induction into being a nudist, as years went on I watched all my mates go thru puberty and like wise they saw me, none of us had any...

how i likes to shower


Any naturalist friends in Denver wanna talk and perhaps have a shower together? DM me if you wanna chat!

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Seattle Communal Showers

Nothing like showering with buddies! Anyone know of any communal showers in the Seattle area to meet up with fellow nudists and have a long shower together?

Communal showers/gang showers

I would like to know which cities still have these and what facilitie other than public bathhouses. If anyone has any leads for anything in my city or other cities that have communal showers/gangshowers and what are the facilities that still have...

Southern California Nudists | Snap: satinlite

Looking to connect with other dudes in southern California around my age under 45 Snap: satinlite

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