Gay And Bi Male Nudists

This group is for gay and bi male nudists, for chat and exchange of experiences and photos. Please REMEMBER TO SEND A FRIENDS REQUEST TO THE GROUP MODERATOR, AndyForest, in connection to your applikation for membership. It's great to share scoops and experiences from nude resorts and beaches, also sharing photos. But please note that this is not an arena for sex chat, there are many other...

Wrestling with the Kinsey Scale

I've never placed much stock in labels, so I always pause a bit when asked to declare if I'm straight, bi or gay. Truth be told, I don't know exactly where I fit on the Kinsey scale. Until around age 50, I'd have declared myself...

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Straight(Ish) newbie nudist with questions!

I know this is a gay & bi nudist group & hopefully no one is upset with me for being here. I am planning to go to my first nudist resort probably by the end of the month and Im curious about the dynamics of straight gay & bi men at the resorts. Yes,...

Bare - Bristol (UK)

Hello everyone! I'm launching a Naturist project for guys who like to hang out with other guys. We will start with a monthly naked bar event but we intend to launch other events such as Dinner parties, Outside events (in the spring/summer) and...

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first time

Hello. Interested in sharing intimate experience stories for the first time. When was your first time? What are you doing? What do you do? How did you feel? How many years? Wants to be open to talk about it and to be able to write more than three...

Aussie nudist farmer

Hey, always keen to meet new blokes and get naked. Check out my insta aussiefarmertim


New to nudism, would love some advice on what the rules are what people usually do? Where to go? Etc. Im Ben, 32, GAY. Im based in Buckinghamshire, UK

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Nude Driving Buddy

Hey! Im looking for another male whom is available to help me drive from FL to Atlanta or FL to IL. I was hoping to do it while freeballing in the daytime, nude at dusk/nighttime; some light fun along the way. Hit me up for details! Please be male...

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New to Nudism in Orange County, California

I am looking or local guys around my age 18-40 who would be down to do some nude stuff for friendship. Feel free to message me if ur local or close to Orange County, California. snap: satinlite

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Charleston, SC wanting to get a group...

Hey all. I live in Charleston SC these days. I've been trying to find people in the area to start a social group to meet on a regular basis. Focus of group will be determined by members. Please reach out if anyone is interested and/or curious....

Nude county guy

I'm Donnie looking for nude bi guy I'm in barnesville georgia south of atlanta georgia my Kik willdonn88 my email I have pic and videos


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