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Straight(Ish) newbie nudist with questions!

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I know this is a gay & bi nudist group & hopefully no one is upset with me for being here. I am planning to go to my first nudist resort probably by the end of the month and Im curious about the dynamics of straight gay & bi men at the resorts.

Yes, Im aware that nudism is not necessarily a sexual concept. But I am a guy and I know how dirty my mind has been since I was little lol so Im genuinely curious about hearing the thoughts that go thru real gay/bi men at Nudist resorts.
Not the FAQ page answers either lol!!

I also have some other questions but they legit make me sound like a ridiculous cliche and I swear Im not! Im sure u can guess what some of the questions are. So if anyone wants to answer my lame but real questions without judging me for it PM me!! Thanks

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RE:Straight(Ish) newbie nudist with questions!

"Nudism" is simply about doing things you would normally do (wearing clothes), but simply naked where it's legally and socially acceptable to do so. And while nudism isn't ABOUT sex, nudists are human beings and therefore sexual creatures. Too many "prudists" try to convince textiles, and other nudists, that we're asexual. But the truth is that we just as sexual as our textile counterparts, meaning we're capable of the same discretion and situation appropriate behavior.

WHEW!! That said men, being men, think about sex regardless of our sexual orientation. And some straight men, particularly those not comfortable with their own masculinity / sexuality, are going to be less comfortable in close quarters with other naked men regardless of their sexual orientation. (Admittedly, I find myself going out of my way to respect the personal space of other men in "family" oriented nudist spaces. Which is why I prefer all-male and / or gay clothes free environments.)

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