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Non-nudist partners.......

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Anyone on here who has a long term, non-nudist partner??
How do you keep the status quo while still enjoying nudism?

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RE:Non-nudist partners.......

Oh there are so many people who have non-nudists partners. Mine is half and half. He will go nude anywhere like a beach or a party but he is not so interested in resorts and things like a nude dinner party. LOL But there is no issue with me being nude at home and hanging nude as I wish. I know some partners Gay and Straight where they do not even want their partner nude in the house. That would be really hard and frankly that kind of control is problematic in my view.

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RE:Non-nudist partners.......

I'm going through this right now and trying to figure out how to find the right balance in my life. I feel like I've conformed to others most of my life and working to try and do for myself now.

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RE:Non-nudist partners.......

It is not easy, but I find ways to get to some nudist events. She is tolerant of my nude desires, knowing that I have always slept nude!

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