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Hey all!
I've noticed a lot of guys comment on other guys' pics with "nice cock" or something like that. Isn't that kind of against nudist philosophy? While everyone has a penis and as nudists we have no shame of them, saying "nice cock" to someone kind of makes the nudity sexual. Or am i just reading too far into it?
At a nude beach once a guy actually complimented my penis. But I was a little skeptical as to why he was at the beach - was it just to enjoy nudism or for sexual or exhibitionist reasons? It's just that you certainly won't see straight guys complimenting other guys' penises.
Your thoughts? Can comments like that still work in a nudist setting, or do they make nudity sexual?

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RE:Picture comments

There is a difference between paying someone a compliment verses hitting on them. If a guy says nice cock/penis/ass, looking good, nice smile, etc. Then you can take it as a compliment. Because the person making the statement is doing just that, paying a compliment.Now if a guy were to say something like youre hot/sexually attractive, Id suck it etc. then thats a different story.There have been times when I have been clothed and have told a guy that he is a good looking guy. Even though I wanted to hit on the guy. He did appreciate two things about my comment towards him. 1) That I said it respectfully. 2) That I left it as a compliment. Not had I said that hes hawt/sexually attractive/eye. then his reaction would probably be negative. Hopefully this makes sense.

I had both straight and gay men comment on my penis. All because of the size. I don't care about the comments that much, just say thank you and go on with life.

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RE:Picture comments

Im fine if someone wants to comment on a picture I posted, I take it as a compliment

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