Gay And Bi Male Nudists

This group is for gay and bi male nudists, for chat and exchange of experiences and photos. Please REMEMBER TO SEND A FRIENDS REQUEST TO THE GROUP MODERATOR, AndyForest, in connection to your applikation for membership. It's great to share scoops and experiences from nude resorts and beaches, also sharing photos. But please note that this is not an arena for sex chat, there are many other...

Long Term Nudist

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I have been a nudist a very long time and always looking for nudist friends to hang with, travel, chat, and do things. In addition to living in Fort Lauderdale I own a place in a nudist resort in Pasco Cty, FL. I love nude socials, parties, gatherings organizations. I know covid has put a big damper on our social lives but things are starting to change and it might be time to start socializing naked once again.

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