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Anyone going to the ENG in Massachussets or just some friendly advice?

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I'm kinda new to TN and still getting impressions. Have a vague idea
of getting there to the ENG and doing it but unclear of how comfortable
it'd be as a lone middle aged male. Anyone got any candid comments?
relation to an expressed idea of my travelling to the States, an
American friend of mine told me that if i was wanting to meet Americans
and connect with people, that I should not go, ( as HE would be outside
the country,) and that Americans are largely suspicious of foreigners.
He said I should remember that Europe has the "cafe culture" that I am
craving and that America doesn't. I had told him that I was not so
interested in "seeing" the "places" of New York and whatever of teh
States so much as in relaxing in cafes and meeting and talking with
people about politics and stuff. i would love to meet gays and talk
about gay politics too. I am an incurable romantic so he was reacting
to this..perhaps.. and also simply trying to steer me to doing this
trip to the States at a later point when he would be there. (I had not
told him of the naturist ENG idea. He and I share an interest in
Buddhism, and he like me calls himself gay. He came out 10 years ago
leaving his marriage of a lifetime and embracing gay.)

The ENG claims to be accepting of all but I surmise from
comments that TN members have made in private messges showiing their
attitudes, that this "accepting", like the general community attitude
is better characterised as rhetoric and that "tolerance" would be the
better word or perhaps paying lip service to acceptance. In the end I
think the presence of children in the equation at ENG would/might
indeed make people slighty wary or suspicious of a foregner, albeit an
Australian coming from a country that shares so much culturallly and in
terms of world view with America. I would think the hard times hitting
at the moment might also be a factor..

On a more practical level would there be anyone travelling from
an international airport in Massachussetts to the site of the ENG?
Which ariport should I got to? How would I get there? Would there be
buses and trains I could catch?
Anyone who might proffer a few
ideas, comments, perspective, advice? Would there be a better palce to
go? Would there be a gay/bi gathering that might be preferable for
someone like myself? There doesnt seem to be anything like that
happening in the last week of July into early August.
There is a
voice in me that is saying that soem of these feelings are just
negative thoughts and that I should put them aside as slightly
neurotic. I would like to travel about a bit after the ENG. This is
where the getting around issue comes up more so. Hiring a small car? At
least $ 100 a day and probably much more? Or could I catch greyhound
coaches. An Amecian work mate reckons i'd feel insecure on them cos
the only people who catch these are down and outers...! Amtrak? Or
flying around using online bookings to get cheap stuff.. It all brings
up a lot of questions that am not sure of. Must get a Lonely Planet for
the States! Or will I jsut shelve the whole idea and go to India before hitting France? Phil

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