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Bare - Bristol (UK)

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Hello everyone!

I'm launching a Naturist project for guys who like to hang out with other guys.

We will start with a monthly naked bar event but we intend to launch other events such as Dinner parties, Outside events (in the spring/summer) and much more.

Bare is the night and is run by GaleaGuys, a social networking site for men.

You do not need to be a member of GaleaGuys to attend this event.

It launches on 6th December at a Bar in Old Market, Bristol, 7pm til 11pm.

The venue is run by a fellow naturist and will open at 7pm, then close its doors at 7.30pm. The venue is friendly, warm and cosy enough to fit 30 guys snuggly.

We charge 5 per head for administrations fees.

Bare - A GaleaGuys Event

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