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Nice gay gays likes campings and going on holiday preferably by tent You 2 ? If you know nice gay or gay friendly campings in EU, please let us know. As far as we know, in Europe there are only are a few gay campings and they all are in The Netherlands f.i. one in the north, another not far from Zwolle and Tilburg. Please look at it via google or ask us! More information one can find at...

Aug 21-28, whom with, where to?

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Hey nudist friends,
looking for some affordable nudist vacation options for August 22-28. What I would need is a travel buddy or a host, and a place with sun and sea (okay, a lake, a river, a pond or a pool would do too), and that I should be able to access that place from the UK, covid-wise and travelwise.
Any suggestions or ideas?

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