Georgia Meet And Greet

This group is for singles, couples, and families that live in Georgia or visiting Georgia that would enjoy meeting or chatting with other nudist in the state. Hopefully to make new friends in your home state.

Gwinnett county

Hi! Recently moved to Gwinnett county. Any nudist in the area? Looking for like minded people.

Anyone avaible to hang out this week?

Hey. I'm Drew. I am reaching out to see if anyone in the Atlanta area is available to hang out at a resort or home. We can talk, listen to music, play board games, drink, whatever. I want some lifestyle friends to engage with. Please let me know...

Looking for buddies

Good Morning everyone!!! Im looking to make some nude buddies, somewhere around my age, that share similar interests..... feel free to message me here, and we can connect on other social media too!! Im in North Georgia, around the Rome area.....

Pot Luck

So a long time ago I held a pot luck at my house. I had a good turnout and met some nice folks. Would anyone be interested in doing this again? Let me know.

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by meemee 
Where is everyone located?

This thread seems kinda dead. Where is everyone located in Georgia? Maybe list your locations and if you can host any events? Meriwether County here. Can occasionally have people over.

Jeju Sauna

Going to check out Jeju tomorrow morning (Thursday May 19). Never been before but looking forward to it.

Naked movie day

Thinking of having a naked movie day on Oct 16th. Maybe a pot luck and BYOB. Anyone interested?

North Georgia

Anyone else in the NWGA area? Would love to talk and maybe have lunch one day.

Serendipity Park

Anybody at Serendipity park today? wickr: nepatiz26

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Facebook Group

Hi everyone I created a Facebook group for Georgia men only. In hopes To find people who wanted to meet. Plus Facebook at least gives you notifications

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