Naked backsides have an appeal that extends far beyond the nudist community. Historically, artists and sculptors have been inspired by human behinds for centuries. In everyday culture, "mooning" is a fun practice, especially among college youth. In proper textile society there are situations where mention of full nudity may offend; however, use of the term "B.A." (for bare...

I love a nice ass!

I'm guilty, I'm a sucker for a nice naked ass. Mine is just ok but damn, there are some gorgeous men here with asses I'd love to touch!

Trying to get an idea of the makeup of the...

Is your ass hairy or smooth? What's best about it? If hairy do you keep it natural? Just for the record and to get responses going, my ass is naturally hairy and I keep it that way. Ass hair is so nice having caressed, need I say more?

Back side

I am a smooth nudist so my ass is fairly smooth by nature.. a little

An Ass is an Ass is an Ass . . .

When commenting on others' photos or otherwise referring to one's posterior, I always say "ASS". I've noticed that other say "ARSE". Simple post: do you say "ass' or "arse"??

WhatsApp Group

Hey everyone! I'm thinking about creating a Nudist Group on WhatsApp. Two rules: 1. Only share self pics/videos with FACE included. 2. Avoid deleting messages. Who's up to? Text me: +553491419266 or send message here with your number

New all male WhatsApp group 18 to 50

There has been a new all male WhatsApp group created where you can chat, make new friends and share experiences. We aim to arrange meets and events soon. If you are interested please tap on the link below....

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Hola,Soy Nuevo por aqui

Si sabes puedes hacerlo, recuerda que todo esto se puede lograr. Espero hacer amigos y soy de Mxico. Abrazos y Besos de Oso

Backsides are like grandchildren!

Backsides are like grandchildren! Everyone thinks theirs is the cutest ever!

This group has lots of nice butts in the...

This group has lots of nice butts in the woods. I go nude hiking all the time, how come I never see other naked butts in the woods? Are there any nude butts, other than mine, in the woods in N. California?

My butt. . .not much but love looking at...

As you can see . . .I dont have much of a butt. . I am fine with it for aesthetics but wish there were more of it when I have to sit for a long spell. A day long ride on the back of a Vespa. . . dont ask! I do love looking at other guys butts...

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