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A group for those that like to shower with others to enjoy the beauty of the body.

Love to shower with someone

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Is there anything better than having some wash your back? I know I enjoy washing my partner in the shower. The intimacy is the best. And there's something about warm water running down your body.
Showering with strangers is interesting! The only place Ive done that, other than summer camp, was when I was a kid,
The other opportunity is at the resort. Sometimes its a quiet shower with each minding their own business. Sometimes it's a nice opportunity to talk to someone new.

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RE:Love to shower with someone

Showering with others is awesome. Had the opportunity often early on in my military career.

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RE:Love to shower with someone

I enjoyed showers at nudist camps and other outdoor places with others. Both sexes can be fun to be showering with in their own way.

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