Guys' Bare Asses

The name says it all-a group for guys who like to show their asses, see others' asses too. Discuss things such as hairy vs smooth, tan lines vs all-over tan.


I'm an ass man and will always be an ass man there just something soft and squishy or hairy and squishy ass lol my favorite saying is "I would kiss that ass on any street corner of your choosing" lol

Hairy or Smooth?

Guys' asses run the full gamut of hairiness, going from super hairy to baby soft smooth. On a scale of 1--10, with 1 being the smoothest and 10 being super hairy, it'd be fun to have members discuss just how hairy their butts are. It'd...

Maybe time to trim?

I think i am like a 10 in my ass area lol Thinking of doing a lil trim but as we know i think it will come back worse.


There's nothing better than a masculine tight body and ass, hairy or smooth.

Hello Bare Asses

How do I upload my bare ass photo for you all? RJai.

Balls, too!

Beautiful asses, and so many beautiful hanging balls, too! You can check out my ass and balls anytime! Just go to media.

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Posted 4 photos of my ass

Just posted 4 self-portraits of my ass. Hope you all like them.

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My Ass on WhatsApp

Hello, everybody! I am Brazilian guy and i love show my ass. Here is my whatsApp number (with code) +5541998067607

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Hi guys

My ass is always totally smooth, no pubics either. That's how I like it myself but a hairy ass can be very attractivce too ;-) Actually I'm a bit surprised that this is a TN and not a TS group ;-)

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Some Wifes and Girlfriends dislike a hairy...

When I have noticed some chest stubble on a few of my male friends I started asking about it. I was surprised that 65% of them said the Wifes or Girlfriends had asked them to shave their body hair off. They never gave me a straight answer but the...