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Any men with epilator experience?

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I have shaved, waxed, and epilated (is that a word?) and I have found that using the epilator method works amazingly well on my pubes. I mean, almost too well. I got through the initial pain on my first try and now it's nothing....jut leads to the smoothest results.

Who else is using this somewhat barbaric method? I have read it could lead to permanent hair loss (which could be good) but I'd like to know why everyone else doesn't use this.


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RE:Any men with epilator experience?

I use epilator, now mostly just for my armpit. I did use it for my pubes once though. The result was great but it's also very painful indeed. Waxing at least needn't a lot of time to pull the hair. I think that's why not many people is keen to do it? Or it's just simply epilator is not well known enough.

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RE:Any men with epilator experience?

I've recently started using Magic Shaving Powder. It works really well for me. It doesn't leave bumps like a razor but it still feels like razor burn. Especially if there is any irritated spots to begin with. I've never tried an epilator though. May have to give it a shot.

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RE:Any men with epilator experience?

Anyone going this route is more man than I am. Those things could have been inspired by medieval torture devices.

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