Hairy Nudies Show Bush

For men, women and couples: Please proudly show us your body in full nudity: First fully dressed Next fully frontal nude showing your own face and your hairy intime area.

My bush

I love showing my bush to anyone that wants to see it.

I as I am, naked

Hello everybody. I am Andrea from Italy, 58 years old, divorced without children and nudist. Personally I don't feel any kind of shame to be and to show myself naked because I consider it a natural fact and there is no kind of sexual provocation...

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Hairy bush and armpits

Who of our nudie ladies likes besides her hairy bush also armpits and shows them with pleasure ?

Color of your full bush

Please let us know a little more about your Full Busn resp. just show us completely naked your (natural) color of pubic hair, whether black, brown, blond, gray, or red etc. Are there any color differences to your head hair ?

Naked and unshaved

I always thought it was normal to keep my pubic hair and I have no problem showing myself in total nakedness. I consider nudity a natural thing and a desire to be myself in freedom and sincerity. On my profile I talk about me and anyone can read...

proud to be natural

very happy to see nudist proud to have body hairs and pubic hairs. Mother Nature give us hairs.. i never be shy to be natural .. im nudist and i respect my body


I think this is a great topic as I am sure that there are many people out there who are U.K. shaved and we need to shout about it! Pubes are natural and we shouldnt be ashamed of them!

Natural bushes?

The profile photo looks like the women are wearing merkins, not their natural bushes. Does anyone agree with me?

Love being free from waxing, shaving and the...

I love leaving my body do its thing and let the hair grow!! On my head, chest, everywhere!!

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