Hawai'i Nudists

Nudist that live in Hawaii, want to visit Hawaii.

Any Kauai nude suggestions? Headed there in Sept. Also looking for rental condo on north or east side with ocean view and private balcony. thx.

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Hey Fellow Nude Beach Bum!

My folks have lived on Kauai for the last 22 years so I think I can be a good resource for you! First about them nude beaches. :-) While nudity is technically illegal in Hawaii is very accepted and not monitored by police on some beaches. My favorite beach is Secret beach ( see my video) near the north end of the beach. Google maps now shows the trail head. Warning ...the trail down and up is very long and steep but has natural steps .... so get in shape a little before you go if you are not. Once you get down to the beach the area that is most accepted as the nude area is to the right as far as you can walk. Its like the 3rd section down the beach. Usually youll find at least a few nudists on a slow day and 10 or more here on a busy weekend.
The beach is by far best for skinny dipping.

Another beach that is easier to get to is Larsens beach near Anahola. I believe the trailhead is also on Google Maps. Go left at the top of the trail and follow the trail as far as it goes. This is the north end of the beach where nudity is most accepted and where most nudists hang out. Once in the early morning a local fisherman came up to me and said dis non nude beach when I walked past the middle of the beach to towards the South end. So be discreet around the local fishermen....or not. :-). This beach is very unsafe for swimming due to the corral reef and strong currents but the shore there are many spots for a quick dip.

I will message you privately with the phone number of a local manager who works directly with private owners so rates are far better than regular condo rates.

Have fun in Kauai! I get to visit again in July!

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