Hawai'i Nudists

Nudist that live in Hawaii, want to visit Hawaii.

Would anyone on Oahu be interested in hanging out nude? Looking for somewhere I can practice my naturism outdoors but not sure where to go or how to go about it. Let me know if anyone has a spot and is interested!

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There are no "legal" places on Oahu, but there are those that are mostly tolerated.

The one with the most legal protection is commonly called Polo Beach. It is officially Mokulia Beach and is just east of the polo field near Dillingham field. For it's legal history see https://law.justia.com/cases/hawaii/supreme-court/2000/22489sdo.html and https://caselaw.findlaw.com/hi-supreme-court/1017877.html

Another tolerated area, but not as easily accessible is Goat Island, part of Malekahana State Recreation Area near Laie. If you go here, you need to wade out to the island, so be mindful of the tides. Surfers go to the east side of the island, you need to stay on the west side in the big half moon bay beach. You may be the only one there all day. If others are there before you, ask if they mind if you are nude. Every time I found others there, they laughed and said that's why they came, but weren't sure and didn't want to the first ones nude. STAY OUT OF THE DUNES - This a nesting area for protected birds so stick to the shoreline.

Two other isolated areas -

Kaena Point - Up in the cliffs are two old foundations for gunnery emplacements. Bit of a hike up the hill, but two nice flat areas to lay out, and awesome 270 degree view of the ocean. Enter from hwy 930 on the north until you get to the barricade. Walk the rest of the way. Used to be an old lighthouse on the point that was interesting.

The old nudist camp grounds. The camp is long since gone, but it is a very isolated area. The only other person I ever saw out there was Dougy the cop, riding his bike nude. Park at Turtle Bay Resort (Free parking if you're there early enough), and hike east to the old nudist camp. IF your observant, you will also find the remnants of the old air field.

Avoid Diamond Head. You're just asking to be ticketed.

John (yes that John) aka cobeachbum

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