H.E.N. - Hospitality Exchange In Nu

This group is for nudists who like to exchange hospitality either in their own home or places they own. Staying in a hotel can be very costly. Why not exchange hospitality when we travel? Beside cut the expenses, you can stay naked with like minded people.

Possibly visiting Baltimore, Philly, NYC and Boston in September

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Hi guys! Fully vaccinated guy from Chile here ;) #TeamPfizer. I would love to meet fellow gay nudists around my age or younger. If you can host me in any of these cities in September, I will be forever grateful. I just need a couch for 3 nights. And if you have time, show me your city. But if you can't, don't worry, I can move around by myself all day and we can meet for dinner or later.
I can host in my house in Valparaiso, Chile in return of the favor. :)

My schedule in September:
Baltimore 4-5-6
Philadelphia 7-8-9
NYC 10-11-12 or 13-14-15 or 16-17-18
Boston 19-20-21

In July and August I will be house sitting and dog sitting my friend's apt in Washington D.C. Inbox me if you want to meet, walk the dog with me, hang around, go to a museum, drink coffee or anything.

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