H.E.N. - Hospitality Exchange In Nu

This group is for nudists who like to exchange hospitality either in their own home or places they own. Staying in a hotel can be very costly. Why not exchange hospitality when we travel? Beside cut the expenses, you can stay naked with like minded people.

Hawaii Nude Island Hopping

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Husband and I are exploring Hawaii this month. Here is our schedule for island-hopping
18-20 Oahu
21-23 Kauai
24-25 Maui
26-29 Hawaii (Big Island)
If you are around and want to meet up and show us some exciting things in Hawaii, message me. We love food, hiking, nude beaches and any time we can be naked, scuba diving/snorkeling, modern art, architecture and getting to know fun people.

(PS. We host in Los Angeles if youre coming this way.)

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