H.E.N. - Hospitality Exchange In Nu

This group is for nudists who like to exchange hospitality either in their own home or places they own. Staying in a hotel can be very costly. Why not exchange hospitality when we travel? Beside cut the expenses, you can stay naked with like minded people.

My Own Experience

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I created this group based on my own experiences. I was able to visit several places by exchanging hospitality with my (new) friends even around the globe.The better you know your new friendsprior to visit will smooth your travel. The key here is being active in making new friends - local,domesticor international. Friendship is not built by just one chatting. It takes time to make a real friend, but it is worth it. Be open mind to other culture custom, includingfood.
Nudism does not always havethe same meaning in every generation, culture orgroups of people. Being naked is not always the same with nudism. Some people might not know nudism or nudists but they are in nude in their daily life.
It is not necessary that you stay at your new friends house. For example you preferto stay in a resort or youth hostel if that gives you more freedom. But your new friends can be the person who will help, guide or acompanyyou during your visit.


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