H.E.N. - Hospitality Exchange In Nu

This group is for nudists who like to exchange hospitality either in their own home or places they own. Staying in a hotel can be very costly. Why not exchange hospitality when we travel? Beside cut the expenses, you can stay naked with like minded people.

The benefit of being membersof this group is to contact other members since they already expressed their interest in H.E.N. (Hospitality Exchange in Nude) through this group. Send a greeting message. Get to know, chat and keep in touch.
Chatting isonly a tool. People is the real subject / human being.

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RE: Thanks

Hey, you are welcome and good luck with the moving.You will enjoyliving in Seattle which is quite different fromNew Orleansin term of weather,but I am sure you will find new friends over there. Letme know how things are going. And remember you are always welcome at my place. Peace.

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great group - Southern California here

I am glad for this group. I enjoy hosting to other nudists and since I like to travel, it is always great to meet others that also like to host nudists. I gladly will host in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles in SoCal.

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RE: great group - Southern California here

I am glad to hear that. Keep writing and introduce yourself so others can contact and follow your eample. The only thing you can get benerfit from this group is being pro-active. Have fun

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RE: Being a Member

Always willing to host fellow nudists here. Live in North San Bernardino (California), work in Ontario by ONT, so if you're flying into ONT, I can even pick you up. Pool and Spa, fully nudist household indoors and out back.
Would also like to meet other nudists for hosting when I travel.
Would be nice to meet more in Palm Springs. I had a friend that lived there that I stayed with several times, but he passed to the Summerlands earlier this year.

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