Home Nudist

A group for people young or old who don't have a nude club to go to on regular bases,. Who are just trying nudism out at home, or nudists who are just home-bodies. Talk about anything,. no erection photos please,, the old days, New friends,College Nudist, Roommates, family, backyard naturism, or anything else that would be appropriate in an actual nudist setting with possibly children and...

I Wish...

Right now I am thinking what a great idea it would have been to get myself a log burner before the winter. Rising fuel prices will restrict the use of home heating and unfortunately being able to stay nude indoors for much longer. I'm buying one...

Are we dressed for each other?

I rent a room in a house. Yesterday my the woman I rent from was sitting in the living room in a chair with a robe on. the bottom part of the robe was open and she adjusted it when I came in. I wear sorts or pajama bottoms to not make her...

Thank you

Thanks for adding. We are a couple although my partner is quite reserved and reluctant in public so I have no pics of us both together yet but hopefully this will come in time. She is quite happy naked indoors just the two of us though.

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Naked projects

Join my naked projects - check out the links below! https://linktr.ee/nkdprojects

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Telling someone Im a Nudist

I have been doing some thinking recently. I have been a home nudist for 10 years and pretty much kept to myself I have gotten to a point where I wanna tell a few people and see they are ok with me not having any clothes on when Im home. The person I...

I can host like minded nudists in the...

Anyone who is looking to come and get naked at home in my bungalow is very welcome. I am happy to host a few fellow home nudists so if you would like to know more then contact me

Seen by mum

I was at home on a hot day only me and mum in , My wife was at shops . I went for a shower to cool off to my surprise my mum walked into the bathroom (I hadn't locked the door ). She come in sat on the toilet and sat talking to me, I said to her...


Long ago I became a nudist. My wife is needed to undergo hypnosis to be changed to accepting me living nude at home. How do others feel about this approach?

getting warmer in texas

Looking forward to places to be nude or people to hang out with

A dictatorship underway in Italy

Best wishes to everyone from Italy. I am writing this post, a little off topic with respect to the group's intentions to bring to your knowledge the very serious events that have been happening in Italy for a couple of years now. I know that...


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