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Telling someone Im a Nudist

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I have been doing some thinking recently. I have been a home nudist for 10 years and pretty much kept to myself I have gotten to a point where I wanna tell a few people and see they are ok with me not having any clothes on when Im home. The person I would like to tell this to works for a company that helps Adults with disabilities and she comes out to help me manage my finances. Ever since she has been working with me she doesnt know that Im a Nudist. How should I go about telling her.

I have had a couple of ideas going through my head. My first idea was to contact the company to see how they would go about working with someone who is a nudist.

My second Idea was hoping she needed to come out and have me sign some papers and then spring it on her with saying just giving you a heads up Im not wearing any clothes something.

If anyone has some helpful advice please share I would love to hear.

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RE:Telling someone Im a Nudist

Everyone who visits my home will see several nude photos of myself. A sign on my garden gate warns that it may contain nudity. Most years it is easy to talk to people around me about my nudism. They ask about my many holidays and I tell them they are all nude (it's not so easy in the last 2 years as Covid has prevented most of my holidays). Anyone who knows me takes it as just one aspect of my personality.

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RE:Telling someone Im a Nudist

on her next visit tell her, "had you gotten here 5 mins earlier, i would have been naked. i was busy working and hadn't realized you would be arriving soon." see if she reacts. if not, when she leaves tell her, "ok, i guess i can get naked again once you leave" and then laugh about it. those two comments will certainly tell her that you are generally naked at home.

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