Home Nudist

A group for people young or old who don't have a nude club to go to on regular bases,. Who are just trying nudism out at home, or nudists who are just home-bodies. Talk about anything,. no erection photos please,, the old days, New friends,College Nudist, Roommates, family, backyard naturism, or anything else that would be appropriate in an actual nudist setting with possibly children and...


I like to look at naturist videos as you can learn a lot from them young and old male female anything that you can learn about how people use there naturist times together

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Nudist story thread

I have been enjoying watch many old TV shows. And have been noticing nudist activities with the story lines. I was wondering if others found other examples: 1. Brady Bunch - I happened to see Cindy and Bobby heading to the neighber in just their bath...

Working Nude

It's that time of year in Florida when the sun starts to make life warmer, inside and out. My home office gets the morning sun and even with the blinds closed it becomes uncomfortable to work here clothed. Since it's not a problem for me to...

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

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Cock Rings

Looking for help and advise . Interested in finding a ring like the one in the cover photo any pro's/con's or where does one get them?


I'm looking for ppl in NW UK region to just hang out socially, have a cuppa, listen to music, watch a movie, share a meal or what ever.... Just hang out at each other's home n chill in easy undemanding company.. CTOA

Greetings from Italy

A warm greeting to everyone from Italy. I am Andrea, I am 55 years old, I am separated and I am looking for friendships (women, couples, men) anywhere in the world, preferably in Europe. I hope to receive messages and friendship requests.

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pj day

If your school or workplace heald a pj day would you be able to lay your hands on some? Would you go out to buy some or would you turn up i n your birthday suit?


I JUST READ AN ARTICLE WARNING IF YOU WANT TO USE WELDING GLASSES< IT"S NOT SAFE] Amazon sells only certified. I got mine several months back from American Paper Opticals in TN at a lower price than currently listed. I have their phone # and...