Home Nudist

A group for people young or old who don't have a nude club to go to on regular bases,. Who are just trying nudism out at home, or nudists who are just home-bodies. Talk about anything,. no erection photos please,, the old days, New friends,College Nudist, Roommates, family, backyard naturism, or anything else that would be appropriate in an actual nudist setting with possibly children and...

UK / EUR Nudist Whatsapp Group

Looking to make a nudist whatsapp group to talk, share nudist pictures and just general chat with 18-40, UK/Eur Males and females? Anyone interested maybe? J xx

Home nudist parties

Next week will be the beginning of Spring and so glad to get warmer weather our way, but we were also glad for the colder weather because in the colder months we host nudist parties at our home and this winter have met several great nudists from TN...

Skype Chat

25 year old male looking for anyone male or female 25 and under to Skype chat with this weekend. PM me if anyone interested.

hello everyone...its been a while

Hello Everyone. After being some time away from this site due to work scheduling and multiple jobs. I'm now back. Even though I haven't really contributed to this group much, i thought it would be nice to at least say something. Also, for...

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by nudebeachbunny 
Why I Love Being Naked

1. Freedom, when I'm naked I'm no longer chained by cloths.2. Feels great (the feeling of the wind, sun, and everything else on my naked body is very pleasant)3. Excitement, the fact that I am exposing myself is so thrilling and the fact that...

nude in yard

anyone else enjoy their yard nude, well only my backyard and during daylight only sections of it but just came in from being out back at dusk and able to enjoy walking the entire backyard nude. as it cools im going to do this nightly for some...


So looking forward to the yard drying out and the sun. Love to spend lazy afternoons their in the shade of our trees, with a fresh breeze caressing all of my body. Nice to have a neighbor share the moments with me as well, if not my wife.

19 yo boy here WHATSAPP GROUP, SNAPCHAT &...

Hey, my name is Diego and I am 19yo. Add me on SNAPCHAT: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on WHATSAPP. Write me +573204541069 INSTAGRAM: diegoarevollom

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Nude in November

I got off work really early today, since the temp outside was near 80 degrees in Northern Ohio. Since I don't have anymore neighbors until next spring I decided to strip down andwash and wax my car, and then Iraked and bagged my leaves, then took...

nude in the garden

I have been to nudist beaches hundreds of times over the last 40 years and have seen thousands of males and females of all ages, shapes, colours and sizes. But I still find it most exciting to be able to just strip off and wander freely about nude in...