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A group for people young or old who don't have a nude club to go to on regular bases,. Who are just trying nudism out at home, or nudists who are just home-bodies. Talk about anything,. no erection photos please,, the old days, New friends,College Nudist, Roommates, family, backyard naturism, or anything else that would be appropriate in an actual nudist setting with possibly children and...

Is there any mature (50+) couple who wanna...

We(Me & my friend(girl) are lookin for a mature (50+) couple... We are 28 & 26, very good looking, well educated descent people...prefer some classy couple....from Kolkata, India...or any couple who can meet physically...no can or cyber relationship

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Almost Daily nude walk

Dailey nude walk between Mt. Vernon St. & Grand St. West of Kansas Expwy between 1:00 p.m. & 3:00 pm. Join me?


Hey, my name is Diego and I am 18yo. Add me on Snapchat: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on Whatsapp. Write me +573204541069

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Almost Daily nude walk

Daily nude walk between Mt. Vernon St. & Grand St. West of Kansas Expwy between 1:00 p.m. & 3:00 pm. Join me?

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Easter gathering

Any UK members interested in getting together over the Easter break for a small indoor social nude byo gathering? Or if dry n warm enough, a nude BBQ in my small garden? Regardless, live NW UK and am always open to hearing from other nudist, in the...

Penis has a mind of it's own

Hi all! I'm new to nudism.When I have free hugs, Ifeel hard, and after that I feelshame to walking around with an erection.I felt hardno matter who I huging. I'm still a bit confused about nudism, is it totally detached from sexual desire?All...

Nudist Walker in Springfield Missouri

To any Springfield, Mo., nudist: Today, 24 Apr 16, between 12:30 & 2:00 p.m., I'll be nude between Mt Vernon & Grand west of Kansas Expressway.

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Awesome naked day!

What fun stuff do you do at home naked? I don't get the opportunity to be naked around others very often so I make the best of my naked time at home. I was off work today today and staying at home and naked of course. It wasn't very sunny but...

nudist online

i cam mic chat on skype,maturerobpeterson yahoo robbdsm@rocketmail.comon google hangouts nudistrobpeters@gmail.comalso you can mail me nudistrobpeters58@gmx.com

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