Home Nudist

A group for people young or old who don't have a nude club to go to on regular bases,. Who are just trying nudism out at home, or nudists who are just home-bodies. Talk about anything,. no erection photos please,, the old days, New friends,College Nudist, Roommates, family, backyard naturism, or anything else that would be appropriate in an actual nudist setting with possibly children and...

Travelites update

Saturday and Sunday, 3/12-13 we had members from the Midlands as well as Florence, SC and California. There are no leaves on the lawn now at all in the immediate back yard. Now we have to put on something and rake the front. The fence going into the...

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Home nudist

My idea of being a home nudist is being naked all the time whilst being at home. I built a large glass house in the garden so I can go naked in the garden any time of the year, it has heating, comfortable seating. It feels good to be naked , I never...

home nudists

summer is coming on and it would be great to have some straight nude friends around conroe tx

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Nudist Walker, again.

Good walking weather this Thursday & Friday. Between 11:30 am & 1:00 pm stretch of road between Connelly &b Walgreens,

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Nudist walker.

Today, I walked nude in 49 degree weather, overcast and misting. The trail is just west if Kansas Expressway between Walgreen's and Connelly Plumbing. Any "brave" takers over the next week of warm weather here in Springfield, MO?

Whatsapp group for nudists

Hey, I'm Diego and I created a nudists group on Whatsapp. Write me to +573204541069 and I'll add you to the new group. Naked hugs for all.

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Hello all from St.Louis, Mo!

Hello everyone, are there any St. Louisans here? Looking to meet other nudists for friendship and activities.I've been a nudist for many years, and can't imagine ever wanting not to be! Spring will be here soon, and nows a good time to meet...

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256 post and climbing

11 pages of comments at this time.My question is why are you guys so hung up on your little members. Its pathetic and nothing to do with the nudist / naturist lifestyle.And no I haven't read the post on the many thread re erections to me its as...

Any nudist in Saigon Vietnam?!!!

May I know any nudist staying in Saigon, Vietnam now?

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Nudist Movies

Can anyone help me? I'm trying to find a movie about 2 sisters who go to a nudist camp and they become nudists. If anyone know it can you let me know the name of it please.Thanks

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