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New Hampshire & Vermont Hot Tubbing and Sauna

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Hey all,

Looking to join or form a small group of guys who want to hot tub or hit the sauna on the regular. I live in the Sunapee area of Western NH and I'm willing to travel up to an hour within New Hampshire and Vermont. As far North as Woodstock, VT/Lebanon, NH, as far South as Brattleboro, VT/Winchendon, MA, as far East as Concord or Manchester (and surrounding burbs), NH, and as far west as Springfield and Chester, VT.

Anyone with a private hot tub/sauna is preferred (hopefully having hot tub installed at my home Spring '23), but there is a tanning salon in Manchester, NH that does have private hot tub rooms for rent for a decent price.

If anybody is interested, message me directly.

Stay nude, Vin

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RE:New Hampshire & Vermont Hot Tubbing and Sauna

I think I may have been to the manchester facility with a few friends but it was about 6 years ago.
One of the friends who I am in regular contact goes to the Richmond Sauna in Maine but that is a long trip for you and me , both. Keep me updated about anything you may hear about other alternatives.

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