House Cleaning Job [Looking Or Nee

This group is created for naturist/nudist housecleaning job. Looking or Needing a nude house cleaner. i also am wanting to come clean your home in the natural. Cleaning homes or mine is one of my hobbies, i want to clean someones home in the natural.

Vegas area

Looking for nudist cleaner for 1 bdrm apartment in SW Las Vegas. Generally clean and kept, but could use a hand with dusting, glass cleaning, ironing and floor sweeping/mopping.

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want to start

looking to make side money from doing this. question is can anyone suggest starting pricing? Thanks suz

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by batime01 
older male

Female nudist cleaner in the Birmingham UK area needed for older male nudist

Naked cleaner lady looking for new customers...

I'm looking for jobs as a naked cleaner in the UK. I could also travel to US if I get a good job offers. I'm from Germany and have recently moved to London. I'm the classic girl next door, realy very naked cleaner because always clean...

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NYC nude cleaner

AVailable to clean in the nude, contact me for rates You provide cleaning supplies, min 2 hour

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Los Angeles area nude housekeeper needed

I'm looking for a semi-regular nude housekeeper (I could do all this myself but with my job/WFH it's become a chore I no longer 'enjoy'). Only really need light cleaning (floors, dusting, wiping down, etc). I'm recently back in...

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by kahong 
looking for a nude house keeper

looking for a nude house keeper in the Rochester NY area ,

Phoenix, AZ

Seeking a nude house cleaner or cleaning service.

Nude Housecleaning or Personal Assistant in...

57 yr old male nudist will clean your home, and private backyard in the nude. Can also be a personal assistant to anyone that needs errands done, driving you to appointments, or help doing things around the house. I've worked as a wheelchair van...

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Anyone in Tallahassee

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