House Cleaning Job [Looking Or Nee

This group is created for naturist/nudist housecleaning job. Looking or Needing a nude house cleaner. i also am wanting to come clean your home in the natural. Cleaning homes or mine is one of my hobbies, i want to clean someones home in the natural.

I had to wash the floor of our Village Hall which is big enough to seat 100 diners around tables. I took my shoes off and started in jeans, T shirt, jumper and socks. My jeans are fairly lose and have a way of working their way down until they fall off. The first time I hitched them up off came my jumper, then socks, then T shirt. And the fourth time I just removed then making me completely naked. By this time I'd only washed half the floor. So the last half was done completely naked, taking about an hour. Someone could have come in at any time.

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