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Caught while sleeping naked?

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Have you ever been caught by someone while sleeping naked? Brother, Uncle, Dad?

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RE:Caught while sleeping naked?

I won't say caught as it implies doing something wrong. I was first found sleeping naked while in junior high. Mom came in to get me up as I was late. To make sure I got up, instead of answering and nodding off, she stayed until I got out of bed. First time and last time for her. Then after as long as I was awake she was good.
In scouts on campouts this was normal for me whoever I was partnered with. We are all boys made the same way.
As adult my kids would join me in bed. Wife would be clothed, me of course not. She started to be concerned as the girl was aging 5. Girl did not care. She just wanted time with dad.
Grandkids (boys) know. Done camping and stays at thieroms place.
Caught? No. I have done nothing bad. Found many times though.

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RE:Caught while sleeping naked?

I've slept naked since I was a teenager. I always sleep naked even in the winter. Back in the mid 70'd I was married to my first wife and she had some of her friends over and they were downstairs partying. I went to bed because I had to go to work the next day. Some time after I had gone to bed one of my wife's girlfriends came into the bedroom and woke me up asking if I'd come down and join them. She pulled the blanket away and found me naked. She got a good look and said she was sorry and started to walk out. I sat up and told her not to leave but get my pants and I'd come down. She did so and then left. I'm still confused why my wife sent that girl up to get me instead of coming up herself. It's like she wanted that girl to see me nude. I didn't mind a bit though. Nothing happened by the way.

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