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" at a bare minimum"

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When I travel I use a tour company that will match me up with a fellow solo male traveler to share hotel rooms with to keep cost down.That means getting paired up with a stranger which the only thing assured you have in common is a love of travel. Beyond thatyou never know. This time due to flights, I met my roomie at 2:30 AM. The front desk called the room to tell a guy they were bringing me up. He greeted me groggily at the door in boxers. I introduced myself , apologized for the early wake up call, he shook my handand said his name, Paul, and added " we will talk in the morning" and went back to bed. I was beat , stripped down and crashedDid not sleep all that much and the room was warm so I lay there nude atop the covers. When his alarm went off I did have the sheet over me. But when I got out of bed, I bared all, made no apologies. From then on I was casual about lack of clothes in the room, and a couple of eves in asked him if he was okay with it. He assured me it was ok that I bare all, but he remained modest the entire 2 weeks, would go in the bathroom to change from street clothes to put on his sleeping boxers. Just glad I got paired up with a guy who did not freak out sharing hotel rooms with a naked guy.

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RE: " at a bare minimum"

Just went to a conference this past week and had a roommate. When we went to bed the first night I stripped off and got into bed and he stripped also. He was up first the next morning and we both walked around the room naked and used the bathroom at the same time. It was great!

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RE:" at a bare minimum"

interesting. Will you provide a link to the pairing travel companions travel site? I like to use it, because I also usually drive alone, so it can lower the costs
HUGS - Chris

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RE: " at a bare minimum"

NICE & esciting history - nice fun - be naked whit next men in one room & bathroom - enjoy

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