I Always Sleep Naked

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So warm tonight

Its so warm in the house tonight that I think I will sleep on top of my duvet naked to stay cool

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love sleeping naked

love sleeping naked especially between 2 others :)

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Re Hospital

The only times that I have been in hospital, I wore T-shirt and shorts. The Shirt came off when lights went out and so did the shorts. It was a bit of a chore putting them on again underthe covers in bed the next morning, but at least I slept!!

Sleepinng naked

I have slept in the nude for over 45 years and could not countenance sleeping any other way, in fact I don't think that i would get to sleep as it would be too restricting

sleeping photos

I have slept naked since i was a teenager. I am uncomfortable ever using sheets or blankets, so I keep the bedroom warm. I uploaded a photo of me asleep. Lets see more sleeping nudes.

sleeping naked

hi all, me to sleeping all of the year naked as well...

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Alex Trebek, Jeporady Host

Trebek was burglarized at his hotel room this past week. When he realized someone was in his room he stated he jumped out of bed, grabbed his underwear and ran after the buglar....

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