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Differences by Country

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While all of us sleep nude here, what do you think most men's sleeping attire or lack thereof in your country.
Here in the US, it is underwear. I have read on this board and elsewhere that in the UK, men sleeping in underwear is very rare, some wear pa(y)jamas but most sleep nude.
Could people from other countries comment on what is most common for men where you live?

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RE:Differences by Country

I'm in UK and have been sleeping in underwear for years, then I read it was healthier to sleep nude, so I do now and wife doesn't mind.

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RE:Differences by Country

A limited survey here in the Netherlands reports around 20% of 25+ men sleeping nude, though I've also heard 35% mentioned. For 25 and under it's just 9%. Underwear seems to be the favourite fashion, with pyjamas still for the older generation. I have the feeling that more people sleep nude but just don't want to 'confess' to this. The Netherlands is reasonably laid back about nudity, but there are still enough taboos around, unfortunately.

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