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Sleep walking while nude sleeping?

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Anyone got stories of sleep walking while they are nude sleeping?

As a kid up till age 10 ( before I was sleeping nude) I would sleep run. We lived in a small 2 bedroom house and every once in a while while my folks were still up I would get out of the upper bunk and run from end to end of the house. I was always having the same dream that the bunkbeds were made of magazines and records and were going to collapse onto my younger brother in the lower bed. I would be trying to tell my folks that. Around age 10 I had some minor exploratory surgery to find if i had an undescended testicle ( they found nothing so yes i only have one ball) which involved an overnight hospital stay. My folks forgot to tell the nurses about my sleep running habits and at some point during the night, I ran down the hospital corridor. I imagine I was only wearing a hospital gown. Somehow that cured my sleep running habits and i never did it again. Must have been the pain I felt from moving fast after a surgical cut in my groin area.

My dad would sleep in baggy undies and also had the habit of sleep walking. He would go to bed early at the family cottage when I was a teen and a few times would venture out into the living room while my friends and I were still visiting in his undies. We would tell him to go back to bed and he would.

Anyone else gotten exposure sleep walking while nude sleeping?

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RE:Sleep walking while nude sleeping?

A good friend sleep walked, well more like , well Ill explain.
This was told to us by his Mom, we were all around 16, so imagine his plight. He would get up in the middle of the night, sound asleep and walk all the way to the kitchen. Open the utility closet door and pee on the broom. Sound asleep the whole time. Mom and a guest were up late sitting at the table when he did it once, was about 4 she said. Least he didnt wet the bed! Surprisingly no one gave him much grief amongst our friends, that was good.

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