I Always Sleep Naked

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After several years of sleeping nude I cannot imagine EVER going back to wearing PJ's. It is so much more comfortable. It's much cooler, to snuggle in the crisp, clean sheets. I have a whole drawer full of PJ's, I may as well donate them!

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RE:Donate PJ's ?

When I became a full time nude sleeper, I kept one pair of winter PJ's to use instead of a robe in cold weather and one light weight pair for situations where lack of privacy made it necessary for me to wear something in bed, and donated any that were in good shape and moved the others to the rag drawer. I soon decided that sweats were fine for cold mornings and gym shorts for the rare occasions when I couldn't sleep nude.
The 2 sets of PJ's got buried and forgotten about.
A few years later, I found them when I was cleaning out my dresser and donated them them to charity.
PS. My wife has more than a drawer full of sleepwear and uses most of it.

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