I Remain Nude When Guests/service P

This group is for ALL fellow nudists whom remain nude, regardless of who visits the home. Personally, I have always remained nude for every guest and visitor to my home, including neighbors, plumbers, cable and telephone techs., Fedex, UPS, food/pizza delivery, and many more. It's every nudists right to be nude when at home. Why cover up? Please feel free to share your experience.

Home Health Visits

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I was in the hospital last week, and to be able to go home, I had to agree to home health care at first. We have a sign on the driveway saying we are a clothing optional household, with our phone numbers in case someone wants to call to ask us to dress.

I was sitting in my recliner with a lap desk and my laptop computer on it when I was told the nurse was here. I called to come on back I don't know if she could tell I was nude or not, but she didn't say anything about it, and neither did I. She took my vitals, filled out some forms, and said that I would get a call before the next visit.

The night before the next visit, I got a call that the nurse would be by the next day. I had already been cleared to go back to work by my Doctor, so I told the nurse that if they were coming by, it would need to be in the morning because I work 2nd shift and was going back to work tomorrow. I thought maybe they would say "oh, never mind" or something like that. But instead, he said he would be by at 10 AM.

I was in the kitchen the next morning when I heard our dogs announce that someone was here. I opened the door, and the male nurse asked if I was me, and what was my birthday. I then told him I'm not sure what we are doing, since I would be going to work later that day. He asked me to sit so he could take my vital signs and listen to my lungs (I had had fluid in my lungs in the hospital). He said everthing was good, and that he was discharging me. Again, nothing was said about my nudity, and I had met him at the door and walked to the chair to take vitals, so there was no way he could miss that I was nude.

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RE:Home Health Visits

great way to handle things. if a person in health care is upset about nudity then they are in the wrong profession. Good that you were you and made no apology for your chosen lifestyle.

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