I Remain Nude When Guests/service P

This group is for ALL fellow nudists whom remain nude, regardless of who visits the home. Personally, I have always remained nude for every guest and visitor to my home, including neighbors, plumbers, cable and telephone techs., Fedex, UPS, food/pizza delivery, and many more. It's every nudists right to be nude when at home. Why cover up? Please feel free to share your experience.

Pool Maintenance Man

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I got caught by the pool guy yesterday. I was having breakfast nude in the house but about 2 feet from the back door. The inner door was open so there was only a screen. He knocked and started asking a question. I threw the towel I was sitting on around my waist before I got up, so I don't think he saw much.

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RE:Pool Maintenance Man

To be fair, I dont recall it being standard to notify theyre on their way until COVID precautions having far more people at home. Its good for us, because I know to bring the dogs in if theyre outside. And, its done through the services app.

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