I Remain Nude When Guests/service P

This group is for ALL fellow nudists whom remain nude, regardless of who visits the home. Personally, I have always remained nude for every guest and visitor to my home, including neighbors, plumbers, cable and telephone techs., Fedex, UPS, food/pizza delivery, and many more. It's every nudists right to be nude when at home. Why cover up? Please feel free to share your experience.


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Our fun, informative, active, nude group has now accepted over 1,170 members! Amazing! One hundred percent credit goes to all of you! Naturally, i must give a huge SHOUT OUT to the members who regularly participate, contribute and share your nudist experiences while remaining nude during visits from repair personnel and service providers. Your contributions and experiences give all of us, even the most "seasoned" nudist the encouragement we need when dealing with the textile world.

In addition, for nudists whom have not taken the first step into social nudism during textile visits to the home, the information members provide and the sharing of nude experiences serves as tremendous support and encouragement, perhaps helping less- social nudists to have the courage to one day proclaim "I AM A NUDIST!" Four words which can be most difficult to say the first time.

However, I can certainly promise you, from personal experience, spanning many years, COMMUNICATION is the key to successful nudist/textile interactions. When you successfully communicate to the textile " I AM A NUDIST", 90 percent of the textiles will thank you for the "heads up". Obviously, advance communication is not always possible. However, when you have the opportunity, communicating your living arrangement is always encouraged.

In my opinion, nudist (including myself) have often suffered from an identity crisis: we often willingly, inexplicably and frequently relinquish our right to be nude, in the one, safe, legal, private location( often our only choice)to be nude: OUR HOME, This is really detrimental on many levels: subconsciously, it lends to the nudist feeling as if they're in the wrong and should not feel free to live as they choose in their home.

Secondly, sharing your lifestyle and nudism with textiles (again, my opinion) promotes and encourages a better understanding of who, what, and where we nudist live. My own experience has yielded, at least, an 80 percent or greater acceptance rate among textiles visiting my home for repair or service events. This includes the many unexpected, unplanned textile visits whom had no prior or advance notice concerning my nudity.

Therefore, the more nude/textile interactions we have, the more comfortable, and less shocking it is for textiles visiting nude homes. Unlike some responses many think a textile would give a nudist, it has been my experience most have questions about nudity and are very supportive and tolerant during the visit.

Again, MANY NAKED THANK YOUS to each and every member! Without you, there is NO group. Please continue to support, participate and contribute to the group. We ALL love reading and learning about your nudist/textile interactions!

For those of you who are new to the group, or contemplating joining the group, please feel free to use the group for information and support. With over 1,170 experienced nudist onboard, the group offers a tremendous resource for information to help you with all your nudist/textile encounters.

Stay Safe! Stay Naked!
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Hi Alan,
That was a great post; well-written with a well-reasoned argument.
Congratulations on reaching over 1170!

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