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Love to skinny dip

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Skinny dipping was almost like a rite of passage as a kid. On a hot day on the farm, jumping in the creek was very common from an early age. The nearby town where I grew up had the town pond where we swam in the summer and skated in the winter. In the evening, the boys would all shed their clothes and swim naked.
As I grew older, I still loved to find a quiet spot when camping and go in the water naked. I can remember being in a large group of friends who had their clothes on but I went a short distance away to skinny dip.

Walking the beach early in the morning in Florida was a wonderful time to take my suit off and walk the shore line. I used to see one older guy fishing and I would sit in the water when he went by but eventually I just stayed nude and he didnt seem to mind. He even stood and watched me do nude yoga on one occasion.

One house had a pool so I never had to wear a suit. It was great! When I now have to wear a suit in the community pool, I wish I could just shed it.

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RE:Love to skinny dip

Actually went the other way and bought one more, a solid color tan through brief without a drawstring.I would expect a solid colour tan through to be too revealing since this idea of the abstract print is to disguise the holes that allow light and vision to pass through. The ThinSkinz fabric by contrast is thin but does not have the holes.
Suit is black and fabric is double over cock and balls so it should not be too revealing.
Also it is a cool tan suit, which is made of a less open fabric than Kiniki.

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