I'm A Skinny Dipper!

Just people chatting about Skinny Dipping and the best spots in America or even in your backyard. Welcome to the Group Everyone

Skinny Dipping on NewYearsDay in the...

In Zandvoort!

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North Carolina(Eastern)

Hey all!I'm a 41 y/o, str8, SWM male nudist though I have only been a home(alone) nudist so I'm pretty much a newbie. I would desperately love to get some nude outdoor time includinggoing skinny dipping with some nudist friends. And to be...

hey all

I still say halvoer beach is the best place to go skinnydipping water is clean.. sand is clean also and more hott sun then any other place

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What's the best way to deal with neighbors that might catch you catching some rays or enjoying the pool the way God intended us to?

Well, I AM a skinny-dipper!

And, as soon as I finish mowing the back yard today, I'm gonna jump right in the pool! Gator1

So Calif - "LA area"

Total backyard, seclusion, my private heated pool.Wholesome, naturally masculine man

Vermont is the best for this....

Vermont is awesome when it comes to outdoor nudity because they have very little laws against it. You can swim naked at almost every swimming hole or river and actually be protected by the law ! There are some cities where you can even take a nude...

Carolina Splash (aka Skinny-dip)

The Guinness World Record will be challenged on Saturday, July 13, 2013. Travelites and I are inviting all Carolina (north & south) skinny-dippers to Hopkins, SC just southeast and adjacent to Columbia. We've lots of tenting space as well as RV...

San Onofre

For those of you wondering whats up at San Onfre, here is the latest from the news. Log on to https://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/Jan/31/backers-of-nude-beach-claim-a-victory Yes they are giving tickets, but they have all, yes all, been...

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Skinny dipping pics

Nice place for hot day in the summer while on a motorcycle ride. Lets see some pics where you have been.

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